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"So, here’s one of the actual reasons WHY we need Informed Consent. The people in power just might get it wrong. And, the people with less power — a mere individual, a religious community, a family, or members of a philosophical perspective — might come up with the better idea."

Indeed. Another reason for the principle of Informed Consent is that criminal medical mass experimentation has historical form. MKultra and Tuskegee, as examples, come to mind.

A person, then, needs to have the right to refuse all and any medical procedures, regardless of his/her reasons.

As you put it, the powers that be may have it all wrong, and in a world permeated with conflicts of interests, the intuition that public health mandates may not be what they appear to be must be granted its discretion.

There is no question that mRNA injections are experimental and that the public has been mislead on this score. If only on the initially touted 95% (or thereabouts) effectiveness of the untried gene therapies at hand, the ethical and legal obligation of Informed Consent was vitiated:


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