First, I offer you a challenge. I believe I am the only March Twisdale on Earth. But, am I? I will give a lifelong subscription to the subscriber who can find another one of me!

Now, who am I? Well, I’m you. A human, with a brain that works! But do you believe that your brain works? Lots of people apparently don’t. They’ve been told to let others think for them, and they’ve agreed. Is this a random event? It is accidental? I’d say, no. School systems, government-funded or private, are institutions dedicated to weakening intrinsic self-confidence and creating a desperate need for extrinsic affirmation. Parents unintentionally double down on the message, praising their children for “earning the approval of others” and condemning them for not.

All of this training is designed to make us malleable. Easily controlled. Willing to be directed. And inherently self-doubtful, so that we will trust authority figures over ourselves. Why? Because, we’re being groomed to believe our brains are insufficient to the task at hand.

This is a lie.

And this undermining of humanity is what my newsletter will challenge. You have a brain, and it works very well. In fact, there’s a supercomputer in your skull that is identical to the brains that have brought us to where we are today. Think about that.

When you read my newsletter, you won’t be reading the thoughts and ideas of a woman with nine capitalized letters after her name, and I haven’t (yet) published a book! But, I’m getting there: The Ghost Lords.

I also produce Prose, Poetry & Purpose (an FM Radio Show in the Seattle Area that focuses on Authors who seek to inspire positive social change), I’ve written a newspaper column on “Community Conversations,” and I was the focal point of a documentary film titled, “Everybody’s Business.”

Still, who cares? Trust me, I’ve done all that and I’m still just like you. A human, with a brain that works. And that’s enough.

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Critical and creative, 25-year informed consent advocate March Twisdale tackles the pharmaceutical industry’s scattershot attack on our human rights and the intentional weakening of our society, from the top down and the bottom up. Do not comply.


March Twisdale
A Radio Show Host & Writer, I keep my cool while shining a light on intensely hot topics and wrangling elephants with compassionate strength.